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Midwest Book Review – November 2008
By Margaret Lane, Reviewer
Rating - 5 Stars

The baby-boom generation has impacted the American culture with every decade of their existence. Now that they are entering into the 'grandparenting phase' they seem to be as influential as ever. "You Can Call Me Hoppa!" by Lauren Charpio address the reluctance of a great many baby-boomer generation grandparents to be monikered with simply Grandpa and Grandma — these being seen as relics of an older and more formal generation. For those seeking more individualized and 'boomer appropriate' handles by which to be called by the children of their children, "You Can Call Me Hoppa!" has alternatives drawn from additional sources than those offered by such traditional endearments as Grampy and Granny, Grandpapa and Nannie. Some of those sources are drawn from other languages and cultures ranging from the Arabic 'Sido' and 'Tae Tae, to the Cherokee 'Edudi' and 'Elisi', to Greek 'Pappous, to the Spanish 'Lito' and 'Lita". Other sources are baby-originated corruptions of grandparent names, slang names from our diverse subcultures, all laced throughout with fun and informative quotations throughout commenting on family oriented grandparent names. "You Can Call Me Hoppa!" is a unique and ideal source for alternative namings of grandparents — as well as a fascinating overview of just how diverse such namings can be!

You Can Call Me Hoppa!- Choosing a Grandparent Name
By Susan Adcox, About.com, A New York Times Company
Rating - 4 Stars

The Bottom Line
You Can Call Me Hoppa! is a fun book for grandparents-to-be. If you are
looking for meaningful analysis of why we call grandparents the names we do,
don't look here. If you just want a sampling of grandparent names, along
with some touching stories about grandparents and grandchildren, this book
is just the ticket. Attractively designed and printed, it would be perfect
as a gift to announce, "Guess what! You're going to be a grandparent!"

Any grandparent who has ever struggled with choosing a grandparent name will
enjoy You Can Call Me Hoppa! by Lauren Charpio. The book contains around
three hundred grandparent names, but the main message is that grandparents
should not feel restricted to the traditional names, but feel free to choose
or develop a name that is uniquely their own. For example, one surfer
grandfather opted for "Grand-dude."

Of course, grandchildren sometimes have something to say about what they
will call their grandparents. One grandfather who had decided to be called
"Pop Pop" ended up being called "Bop Bop," won over in part by the cute
little dance his granddaughter would do when she said it.

One section deals with the names traditionally used by different cultures
and nationalities. From the Hawaiian "Tutu-wahini" for a grandfather to the
German "Grossmutter" for a grandmother, this section is rich in
possibilities for those connected, however tenuously, to a particular
culture. One new grandmother who used to be a French teacher chose the
French term "Memere" just because she was such a fan of the language.

One more cool thing about this book is that a portion of the sales will go
to the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, based in Phoenix. As
the author points out, the fondest dream of many parents and grandparents of
autistic children is to hear their name spoken by their child.