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You Can Call me Hoppa! The Grandparents’ Guide to Choosing a Name that Fits was inspired by countless conversations between my husband and I, both of our parents' and one important chance encounter. When we announced we were pregnant with our first child (the first grandchild for both of our sets of parents), it wasn’t longGrammie & Hoppa before the discussion of ‘what to be called?’ arose among the grandparents. They all wanted to think about grandparenting in a different way, a way that had not been actualized by their parents’ generation and they each wanted a name that really expressed this approach. We went round-and-round for ages and never landed on anything that really felt like it ‘fit’ for any of them until the day 'Hoppa' was uttered by a very cute, chubby 16-month old grandbaby...

The full-story of our family's quest for the perfect grandparent names can be found in the book. After the angst and confusion my own family had experienced trying to avoid ‘feeling old’ while graciously accepting the title and role of grandparent, I figured there might be grandparents everywhere who
would jump at the chance to think differently about their moniker and I decided
to write this book.

The book is a compilation of dozens of stories and hundreds of names from parents and grandparents across the country.
There are stories and
lists of Traditional Titles, Cultural Appellations, names that are Perfectly Personal and those that
so preciously come Out
of the Mouths of Babes.

We hope the book
inspires you to find a name that fits!

We've included a collection of stories as a small sampling of the book's contents. We hope you enjoy!

Watch the video interview of the Lauren Charpio as she shares her stories.